TerMolst International - A division of the GTA Group
Founded in 1953, the manufacturing company TerMolst International now operates as part of a larger group in the global textiles market. It specializes in exquisite interior textiles, and maintains its own brand new in-house production facility in Reidsville, North Carolina.

Symphony Mills - A division of the GTA Group
Symphony Mills, a wholesaler of curtains and more well-known for making upholstery fabrics, was founded in 1997. Aside from curtain fabrics, Symphony also produces bed, chair, and sofa fabrics and has an extensive collection to fit any type of customer or need. Its fabrics service a wide variety of applications, including decorative pillows and lampshades.


Today our domestic capacities include 16 million yards of jacquard wovens and 8 million yards of circular knits. We have co-supply capabilities of an additional 17 million yards of jacquard wovens and 12.5+ million yards of circular knits, making us one of the largest bedding textile manufacturing groups in the world. With knitting production facilities in the US, Belgium, China, and India, we are able to meet the vast needs of the customer with endlessly innovative designs coupled with efficient production proficiency. 


In order to maintain consistent high quality fabrics, GTA utilizes an in-house testing lab. Equipped with world-leading testing machines, this testing lab ensure that our fabrics meet all of the necessary industry standards. We strive to always meet our customers' specific needs through constantly subjecting all of our products to the most rigorous quality testing.


GTA has perfected the method of innovative extrusion, having learned and mastered the art of creating beautiful yarns and incorporating them into our fabrics. We have established a vertical manufacturing environment within our Reidsville fabric formation facility. As this area continues to be developed, GTA will produce higher quality yarns, at a faster pace, matching customer preferences of color and quality, while still outsourcing for the best alternative yarns when necessary in order to create the best possible product for the customer.